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Origin Chile

Avocados are grown in several countries, but do best in those areas with a Mediterranean climate, hot dry summers and rainy, cool but not frigid winters. Chile and California are the only regions with this particular climate, apart from those countries on the Mediterranean Sea, which accounts for the high quality of avocados from these locations.

Chile’s avocado season is August through February, and it is complementary to other origins, guaranteeing a year ‘round supply of Hass Avocados to China.

Chilean Hass Avocados grow in the fertile soil of the foothills of the Andes and are watered by snow melt from the mountains. The water and fertilizer reach the trees through drip irrigation. Chile’s avocado growing areas are in the Central Growing Region, also known as Region V, in the Quillota-La Cruz and La Ligua-Cabildo valleys, north of Santiago.

Chile, on the west coast of South America, has the distinction of being the longest and narrowest country in the world: 4,300 kilometers or about 2,600 miles long and only 180 kilometers or a little more than 100 miles wide. Because Chile’s borders are deserts, mountains and the Pacific Ocean it has very few agricultural pests. This means that Chilean growers do not have to use the amount of chemicals as growers in other regions do.