About us

Chilean Avocado Committee is an association formed by Hass Avocado growers and exporters. Chile’s geography and climate are very special for the production of the most diverse fruit species. For a long time such characteristic has made Chile one the most important producers worldwide. Fruit industry in our country, like most industries, has also been affected by problems, causing the disappearance of some and the incorporation of some others.

Based on the need of organizing and coordinating, a group of Hass Avocado growers decided to create “Chile’s Committee Hass Avocado growers A.G.” (in Spanish, Comité de productores de paltas Hass de Chile A.G.). This Committee was initially formed under the auspices of the Fruit Growers Federation (Fedefruta by its Spanish acronym) and its main purpose was to maintain the cohesion of growers, keeping producers and exporters under the same auspice.

Today, and after 25 years of its creation, the Committee is fully operational. It has carried out important work, which has allowed fundamental interest on the quality of fruit for export, special interest for the opening of new markets, and permanent dissemination and promotion activities, diffusing the qualities of this exceptional fruit, regarding both its healthy benefits and important characteristics as food.

As from year 2004, the Avocado Committee was established as a non-profit Trade Association, always paying attention to the unity of the industry to allow its constant growth and searching for the export of excellent fruits, which in turn would permit maximized returns to be obtained by growers.

The Committee is managed by a Board of Directors which act pro bono and, from the beginning, have watched over the best work possible, using their time for the best development of the sector in promotion activities, opening of new markets, etc.

Main activities
undertaken by the committee

Some of the main activities undertaken by the Committee include:

Control of maturity rates by measuring oil percentage In order to maintain that fruit consignments have proper maturity, the Committee performs avocado checking through sampling directly made in packing lines and analyzed in laboratories. A minimum of 23% of dry matter is required, which corresponds to 9% of oil.

Promotion in Foreign Markets

Chilean Avocado Committee directly carries out campaigns in Spain, England, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Argentina and Chile. Promotion in China was incorporated in 2015.

Promotion in the Domestic Market

In the domestic market, a promotional campaign is made to stimulate the consumption, disseminate the remarkable features and benefits of Hass Avocado and at the same time improve the marketing and protection that should be provided to Avocados for their appropriate presentation at points of sale. In order to accomplish this, activities have been executed for those in charge of Supermarket Fruits and Vegetables in plantations and packing facilities so they can closely observe the whole process and make better decisions on measures to protect avocados.

Harvest forecasting

During May and part of June harvest forecasting is made every season. In 2009, the forecasting consisted in visiting 145 farms (equal to 11,670 ha, which provides us a sample greater than a third of avocado plantations) of Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Metropolitan Regions in order to estimate the total production, which allows the Committee to plan promotional campaigns in different countries where avocado is exported and the exporting companies to achieve sale programs, harvest and shipments.

Opening to new markets

A permanent interest is focused on the search and opening of new markets. That is how exports to Colombia and Brazil were achieved in season 2013, and lastly we happily were notified of China’s market aperture on September 2014. This causes Chile to currently have agreements with 62 countries to export avocados.

Defense of the Association against problems

The Committee is permanently concerned in defending the associate’s interests when facing issues or regulations from other countries or Chile which may affect the industry.